The Toronto International Film Festival returns for the first time since the pandemic and brings with it some great films although through a much smaller and more reduced festival experience.

While there were certainly some hidden gems, most of my highest rated films came from big studios or streamers, in…

Something if you liked Parasite

The Handmaiden — Park Chan Wook

With all the buzz around Korean cinema after Parasite (it’s about time!) It’s only fair to spotlight the other golden boy of the movement — Park Chan Wook. You may have come across some of his films like such as Joint Security Area, Stoker…

Part 2 — Indie Directors to Keep an Eye On

Last time I’ve focused purely on films by established directors you might already know, now I also want to bring attention to up-and-coming indie directors who I hope you will hear about more over the next few years.

Chiwetel Ejiofor — The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

While already famous as an actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor made his directorial debut…

Something New:

Uncut Gems — Safdie Brothers (2019)

Fade in — We fly across a gem mine in Ethiopia as violence is breaking out after poor working conditions injure a miner.

Cut to two miners as they take advantage of the confusion to recover a pristine uncut black opal from the mine.

Silverscreens & TVStreams

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